I recently attended a Tech Expo at the Sarit Centre.  This year, particiapating companies were few and visitors trickled in gently.  It wasn’t crowded and, therefore, it was easy to spot the gems.  There were several free classifieds and online retail websites, not very different from Dealfish or Capital classifieds.  And then there was Kuza Biashara (www.kuzabiashara.com).  A gem.  I was surprised that I had never heard of them considering that I’m always looking for information about start-ups.

Kuza Biashara describes itself thus “Kuza Biashara offers training, educational, and business support services which are critical to their success and enable them move from an informal sub-sector to a knowledge based economy”.  Let me simplify for you.  Kuza Biashara is a one-stop shop for SME resources.

It occupies this spot today as my favourite website this week.  And I’ll give you five reasons:

1.  Kuza Biashara has an attractive layout.  You land on that page even by chance and you want to explore.  It doesn’t even look local until you look at the name.

2.  Kuza Biashara has lots and lots of content on how to start and keep your SME running.  It must take lots and lots of people to find this content.  If the content is not original, it has been well localized to serve the local market.  The content includes local videos,  articles and photographs.

3.  Kuza Biashara’s links all work.  I tested most of them.  There’s nothing more frustrating than clicking on a website link that doesn’t open or that leads to the wrong turn.  On this website, they work and the videos all run smoothly.

4.  Kuza Biashara is not trying to be everything to everyone.  They are specialized.  They deal with SMEs.  Period.

5.  I love the videos of Kenyan businesspeople, some well known.  Others less so talking in my language (English, of course) but talking local and everything they are saying is familiar.

Great job, Kuza Biashara.  I hope you will maintain the standards over time.


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