I would never call myself a connoisseur of poetry.  I read poetry.  Sometimes I understand it and sometimes I don’t.  Some poets are too deep.  But I am a big fan of words and rhythm.  When words have rhythm, then I’m hooked.  As for poetic content, it is always a pleasure to read a poet who digs into so many areas for inspiration or who knows his subject well.  Once a week, I buy The East African newspaper.  Actually, it is a very good publication.  Since it is weekly, articles are compiled over time and no redundant articles appear.  There’s always a little of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi in each edition.  Not too much, just enough.

I always look forward to reading the column, Politics and Verse, by Stephen Partington.  This column carries a single poem on some political subject.  I especially love this one below for its rhythm.  I can sing it.  I will render the poem as it appeared a few weeks ago The East African by author Stephen Partington:


Bingu wa Mutharika
At seventy-eight, is gone.
He expelled the Brit Ambassador
And things went badly wrong:

The world withheld its funding
(A neocolonial plot)
And left Malawi stranded
To atrophy and rot.

The economy stagnated;
Democracy, some say
Gave way to nepotism
In the usual “Big Man” way.

So when his heart exhausted
And stopped its martial beat,
Some of the people were saddened,
But many more danced on the streets.

NB. Poem reproduced from the The East African for sharing purposes.  Author is Stephen Partington.  All quotes on original verse were single quotes, not double, which I can’t seem to locate on my keyboard.


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