I am a late bloomer.  I am never among the first to try out new fads.  I will try most things but always after watching and waiting.  Before I discovered YouTube, there was myspace, which didn’t really impress me.  There were also a thousand request from friends and acquaintances to join one of a myriad of networks to help me remember people’s birthdays.  Why would I want to do that?  Isn’t it better to conveniently forget.  Then Facebook and Twitter, which I joined.  I’m not the most active person in there.  I don’t know where people get the time to update their statuses 10 times a day.

Blogging.  Been there and doing that.  I love blogs because they remove power from the mainstream media and put it in our hands.  It’s amazing that I am here blogging and no one can edit my views to “suit” their audience.  Blogging has made journalists out of all of us who wish and that can only be a good thing.

Then there’s YouTube.  I love YouTube.  It is a video blog that is uncensored (to some extent), unedited and totally (almost) liberalized.  If there’s anyone who doesn’t understand what freedom of expression is.  It is the Internet.  I love that even mainstream media has been forced to humble themselves and open their own YouTube accounts because that is where the audience is.

YouTube also has that powerful equalizing factor.  It means that if I am connected to the web, I will watch the same stuff that a person in Asia, US, Tbilissi and Soweto is watching.  Some web broadcasters like Hulu will not let us watch from our region.  And so we go to YouTube.  You can watch everything from old episodes of anything, the UN broadcasts, amateur video, or make your own stuff.

On this blog, I will be spend the space of one article per week to look at the best of YouTube and I promise to keep it local.


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