I have been blogging since early September.  It’s hasn’t even been a month and I already have regrets.  My biggest regret is:  Why didn’t I start blogging earlier?  When I read about people who have been blogging for 8 years, I feel a sense of late blooming.  I said the other day, in the post related to YouTube, that it takes me long to to embrace a new technology.  This one I wish I had embraced and integrated into my life earlier.

The reason why I started when I did was because I had more time in my hands, since I am working part-time, studying part-time and doing little the rest of the time.  Unless daydreaming counts as an exercise.  Thing is, I always wanted to write.  So I did.  I sat down often and created a portfolio of articles in two main topics and started courting newspaper and magazine editors in Kenya.  Those mean guys either don’t respond to emails, or they refuse to pick your calls or they promise to get back to you.  And then they don’t.  No one even bothered to read one of my articles and give me some feedback.  If my article is truly bad and you tell me.  I can take.  I may cry all night long, but you will never know.  And in the morning I’ll try and improve on it.

At the end I decided that I could create my own space and post my content and other people will read it.  Other people across the country and the continent and the world.  That’s the beauty of the web.  I will, still, accept any writing assignments from magazine and newspaper editors.  I apologize for calling you guys mean.  I didn’t mean all of you.

In less than a month of writing (daily posts on weekdays), something has changed in me.  I hope to blog again on this subject when I have much more experience.  But so far, I have learnt so  much.  So I’ll give you some reasons why you (individual) should blog.  Reasons for corporate blogging will be looked at in a future article.

First, I am writing.  When I didn’t get a chance to write for a newspaper, I kept my portfolio of 5 articles in my computer and stopped writing.  That means I was counting on a writing job in order to write.  Since I started blogging around 6th September, I have accumulated almost 20 articles and still growing.  Now that’s a true portfolio.

Blogging is not that difficult.  I am writing my thoughts and ideas.  It is like a diary.  While some research is needed, it is not required in huge PhD doses.  I attend an event, write my feelings about it and that comes from my heart.  After the research period, it takes me about 30 minutes to do this.  30 glorious, enjoyable minutes.

When you blog, you choose your subject.  Not only am I learning about what I like, I am slowing creating patterns that lead to a point of view on the subject.  My destination is known to my subconscious mind but it will only come to the conscious level in time.  For instance, I had no idea that I wanted to write on the benefits of blogging.  It just kinda came to me.

Blogging can pimp up your career.  It may not but could.  If you are a writer, then it gives you a portfolio.  If you are in another profession, then blogging can help you learn more about it.  But building your career is not the only benefit to work towards.  You can blog on your hobby.  You are an accountant and you decide to blog on cars or wine.  This enriches your life in a cashless way and will eventually lead you to meet or converse online with like minds as far as Costa Rica.  And that is good.

There is one thing that has completely awed me.  I read a lot and I think I remember what I read.  The truth is that what you read is not remembered in much detail afterwards unless you consciously make the effort to integrate it into your mind.  When I learn information so as to blog, it is like learning so as to teach, you go further.  If you forget something, you read the subject matter again.  This is how real learning happens.

With time, blogging will give you a reach.  This means that if your content is good, you build trust and you get numbers of supporters and that can open other doors.  People will start to consider you knowledgeable on that topic and this can enhance your life in terms of writing or speaking engagements, being quoted in relevant periodicals and so on.

I say, blog if you can.  Start blogging for the pleasure of it and see where it leads you.  If you’re not much of a writer, you can do video blogs or have lots of images to support you work.  Enjoy.


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