I attended the Fine Wine Show at the Mayfair Hotel about 2 weeks ago.  This is my second time, having participated in 2010.  This is a wine-tasting event organized by a number of wine distributors in Kenya.  It’s an exclusive event, not because there’s any censoring of the visitors but it seems to me that Kenyans don’t like wine.  I’m sure there would have been busloads of people to sample beers.  Then there’s the 3’000 entry fee.

I am a wine lover.  I took a good tour of the wine samples.  Compared to 2010 (or was it 2009), I thought I remembered more variety of nationalities (of wine, I mean).  The last time I attended the Show, I thought there was more Costa Rica, France, Italy.  This time, the wines were varied but predominantly South African.  It’s not a bad thing, I just thought I remembered diversity (of wines, again) last time.

Still, Red, White and Rosé were in plenty and so were bitings.  More bitings than I remember.  First, some hot hotel snacks, and a wide range of Farmer’s Choice cold cuts.  Farmer’s Choice has really increased its range to include paté and other locally produced delicatessen.  Most are available in supermarkets if you want to create your own event at home.

And then there was Brown’s Cheese.  I love cheese but how many cheese types can one have in the fridge at a time.  Two, sometimes three.  At the Fine Wine Show were over fifteen cheese types, but I could be wrong.  After so much wine, I do have a tendency to see everything twice.  At least, I remember hard and soft varieties and I cannot forget the lemon-infused feta, brie, goat, and more.  I stood near the cheese longer than is polite, until my friend dragged me away promising to take me to Tigoni for a Fine Cheese tour.  Another 3’000, I hear.

And chocolate for dessert.  No fountains with melting chocolate.  But a range of samples to melt in your mouth.

The event is supposed to be a 2 hour event from 5pm to 7pm.  People were still streaming in at 7pm and the organizers and hotel were cool with that.   The music was good to accompany the sampling.  And it seems there were food leftovers.

I felt sorry for the beer company in the corner trying to get samples out to people.  A beer event doesn’t mix well with a wine event.  Those are two different kinds of palates and maybe we do need an annual beer show, for there’s no shortage of beer lovers.

The Fine Wine Show allows you to take your glass with the event’s name on it.  And you can place it in a conspicuous place in your home, just for show.


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