I like to look at a different website every week.  One that works and one that I choose because of my own personal experience with it.  I want to blow the trumpet for http://www.capitalfm.co.ke.  Seriously, the website is good and for news and views, I prefer it to the main newspaper websites in Kenya.  When I talk about the website, I am looking at it as a different entity from the radio station and from all the other interests held by the owner.  I repeat it is an excellent website and I will give you five reasons for it.

Firstly, the website is very quick to announce breaking news.  This happens on their live twitter feed or on the website.  Unlike other players, the website is not afraid to post one sentence of breaking news and then write “more coming…”  as they scramble for more information from the source.   Naturally, this leaves us in suspense and talking about the issue endless as we wait for more.

The website is very well presented.  For online media, images and colour are essential to keep people coming back.  I’ll happily read a black and white newspaper.  But online, I want to see colour.  It is pleasant and easy to navigate.  Capital FM on the web has excellent photography, often original and sometimes not.

Third reason why I love this website is because, it holds more than one website in it.  It has radio, news, lifestyle and other categories that other newsrooms don’t spend time on.  For example, the classifieds section, free of charge, and the deals section.  I never look at the deals, but many others surely do.  I love the newspaper reviews.

Reason number four is the blog section, which attracts the high and mighty, who want to reach out and respond to the media and reach the public.  That is in addition to an in-house blog by the CapitalFM team.  And the icing on the cake is the space where you and I can blog.  Unpaid, I suppose.  But have you ever tried getting your sample writing to the print media?  It is far from simple.

My fifth reason for loving http://www.capitalfm.co.ke is that I can listen to the radio while surfing the website.  I will admit that it is not my favourite radio station, but then again it gives you that choice that others overlook and that’s why it is a leading online news source for Kenyans here and abroad, probably the leading non-newspaper website in the news category.

There are more reasons to surf this website.  I will let you discover them yourself.


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