I have finally ditched my supermarket.  I must say, I loved it.  In my opinion it is the cleanest, most spacious of the chains and the end year bonus points have contributed to my appliance collection.  It is not the cheapest, sometimes it is damn expensive.  But the key is location, location, location.  My branch is located about 5km from where I live, about a 20-shilling matatu ride away, ample parking for the days when I have a ride and lots of choice, including imported brands.

A few things bother me, like the fact that the blue hand-held shopping baskets are very dirty and need a wash.    The green ones at some Tusky’s are much cleaner.  I also hate the price games you play.  My favourite 4-pack toilet paper costs 102, then 96, then 100, then 110.  My God, how am I supposed to budget if you can’t make up your minds?  Then, I never forgave you for charging Ksh 150 for the monthly magazine.  When it was free, I would come early in the month to get my copy before they ran out.  I loved it.  I also wish, I could use my phone number for the days that I have forgotten my bonus card since you have my records.  Still, those are not reasons for me to ditch you guys.   I love pushing my trolly down the clean, wide aisles.  I know where everything sits and I rarely find my favourite brands missing.  So then, why am I saying goodbye?

You see, last year, I was rich.  The good job, extra cash and you can check my bonus card, you will see that I spent like a queen.  Then, as always in Kenya, something happened.  The fuel went up, rent went up, the fuel went up again, then again and so did my favourite toilet paper, soap and even bread.  You guys bake it in-house and the flour is just within the premises and then you raise the price.  The only thing that didn’t go up was my salary.  Strange, the way this country works.

But still, that is not my problem with you.  My beef with you is that my branch has no “ndogo ndogo“.  I mean the smaller packaged items.  In fact, you guys need to set up an entire branch in the city which will be dedicated to the smaller packaged items.  Last year, I used to buy the large dish washing liquid at 95 bob for today , tomorrow and more days to come.  Nowadays, I sometimes walk into a supermarket with only Ksh 300 and I need ten items.  My washing liquid is available in a tiny pack worth less than 30 bob.  I know because my new joint sells it.  I need to buy the tiny toothpaste tub.  As for my 100 bob toilet paper in a 4-pack, can I get a 2-pack?

I didn’t want to dump you like this before we get a chance to iron things out.  But then, the other day, I landed in a new Tusky’s a little farther away.  I was hesitant because blue is the colour of creativity.  The green and yellow logo were unfamiliar.  Until I started to associate them with nature, the grass and the sun.  Good things.  In fact, the elephant logo that I love so much, can be found in Tusky’s if you look closely.  So I walked in having talked myself into trying something new this year.  To my pleasant surprise, it is as if they knew I’d be coming.

They keep their prices similar to yours, some lower.  But they have just what I’m looking for.  Small packages that are cheaper and that will last me, maybe just today.   You ask about tomorrow?  What will I do when my  “ndogo ndogo” runs out?  Even the Bible, in Matthew 6:34  tells me not to worry about tomorrow.  “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”

I will keep my blue bonus card because when good fortune finds me, I may return.  As for mow, I have a green card and I thank you for those good moments that we shared.



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