Today, I’m excited to celebrate 30 articles blogged right here on WordPress.  I just checked some blogs of people I admire and they have 150, 281, 401 posts.  And I was so proud of myself.  Now, it feels like the beginning of a long journey.  Still, I am proud to have written those thirty and I have learnt along the way that the hardest thing in life is beginning something.  Once you can muster the courage to start, momentum takes over.

Before I go on to pour a celebratory glass of wine, let me look back over the last 30 posts and extract a few lessons that I have already learnt.  I know more learning will continue to take place.  I hope the few lessons can help encourage a future blogger or starter of anything new to just launch it, whatever it is.

Lesson 1 is just sit there until you have something to say.  There are many days when I would prefer not to blog because I have no clear subject,.  Today is such a day.  The key is to open your blog page and keep it open until you have something.  Or write one sentence and see where it leads.  In the meantime, keep reading or browsing for inspiration.  I usually have better posts when I think of the topic early like the night before and then I jot a few notes to jog my memory.  On the day of the blog, I fill in the gaps and watch it flesh out.

Lesson 2 is that blogging is not writing a bestseller book.  Do not strive for perfection otherwise you will throw out every article.  Continuous improvement is a better ideal to strive for.  These are your thoughts, not essays for a scientific journal.  Still, try to maintain some standards in terms of quality and keep trying to get better.  You will know, I hear, by your 500th article if you’re on the right track.  Sigh!!

Lesson 3 is to keep a balance between research and ramblings.  Research any points, facts and other information that will make your blog realistic.  Then the rest is your own thoughts, like a diary.  Research gives credibility to your blog and your own ramblings add authenticity.  Maintain that fine balance.

Lesson 4 is to remember your “promise” to your audience, no matter how small that audience.  If you promise a daily article, do it.  If that’s too difficult, promise to blog twice a week or even just once weekly.  It doesn’t matter but it has to be regular.  If you can’t blog, then curate.  If you curate, remember to quote source and writer.  Do not take credit for work that you didn’t do.

Lesson 5 is enjoy yourself.  The only way to do this is to write about that which you want to write about.  This is a blog not a paid job, so you can do it on your own terms. As for length of articles, this is also at your own discretion.  I have articles that are 300 words long and others that are over 1’000 words.  And that’s the beauty of blogging.

Those are 5 lessons from 30 blog articles.  We’ll look at more lessons after I have written 100 articles.  For now, let me pour a celebratory glass of wine.  Cheers.


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