Have you ever tried shopping for a fridge in Kenya?  You will be surprised by the choice – large or small, one or two doors, side by side doors or doors above each other, freezer on the side or on the top or even the bottom, internal or external ice and cold-water dispenser, a wide range of mostly Asian nationalities and whatever your budget, you have a fridge.  Except that all fridges are either white or grey.  I have seen a few greenish ones.  The green is shy, diluted with so much white that it loses its personality and you can tell that it’s not proud of itself.  Why can’t fridges also be colourful?

Recently, I came across SMEG fridges.  I had never heard of the brand that is available in the UK, South Africa and other countries.  I know once it is Johannesburg, the only way to expand is to come to Kenya someday.  The one in magazine was a pink fridge.  Not a shy pink but I bold pink that just wanted to be looked at.  Looks very different and elegant.

I truly don’t want a pink fridge.  But I would like one that is unapologetically red.  Bridght and beautiful without being diluted and distilled.  One that is not ashamed to be red and one whose colour just shouts.  Or a screaming yellow, sunny and smooth.  When it comes to appliances, there is simply not a wide range of choices if all options have the same colour.  SMEG, when are you coming to Kenya?


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