I promised a Web Review every now and then.  Sometimes, I don’t know which to choose because I look at so many websites in a given day, like we all do.  I like to recommend something that’s a little life-changing, more than just interesting and fun to look at.

This week it’s Pinterest, which I discovered some time back and only joined a few weeks ago.  If you have any artistic capillary in your eye, then you would love this.  Basically, Pinterest is the corkboard you have near your desk where you can pin up things that are interesting and that you want to see again and again.  This is done online.

If you want to keep photos you loved from a website, Pinterest saves you from bookmarking the entire website only to start searching within the website for your preferred photo.  With Pinterest, you can pin your favourite photos on to the online board and organize them according to theme or anyway you want.  You can also search different themes for photos or follow other collectors so that you can repin their images to keep.\

Naturally, this website allows sharing your ideas with friends on facebook and twitter, with a loved one far away.

Imagine that you are trying to redecorate your house.  Unfortunately, your spouse is currently working in Afghanistan, so he cannot be there to help you choose curtains and sofas.  With Pinterest, you can put together a file called “re-decorating my house” and then fill it up with ideas which you can then share with your partner and he can contribute an ideas.  And he can do the same by sharing ideas.

Other suggestions include using it to manage recipes, plan weddings and keep memories.   You are limited only by your imagination.  I have no theme.  I just keep images that I love and want to look at again.

I consider myself very visual, and I prefer to see things in colour and form and depth.  When I see that picture on the web, like so many that are there, sometimes I want to keep it and look at it again.  Someday, I may understand just why it moves me so.  I have lost countless beautiful images online because keeping them wasn’t an option.  I have also often printed images because I can’t fathom the thought of losing them.

Now, I need not worry for I have Pinterest.  Try it, you’ll love it.


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